Dana Cottrell for Congress


Education, Employment, Environment, Financial Security, Health Care

Dana’s Mission StatementDana Cottrell for Congress

My purpose is to represent the citizens of District 11, and to secure for ALL families: happiness, healthcare, education, respect of personal beliefs, civil rights, economic and personal security, and aging with dignity.

Primary Objectives:

  • To rejoin the proclamations of the Preamble of our nation that have been left unprotected:
    • Justice for all; that ALL Americans are treated with equal protections under the law.
    • Domestic tranquility; a nation where people are safe from harm.
    • Promote the general welfare; the general being of all, not just the richest among us, and to promote income equality.
    • Liberty; no American should be denied his or her fundamental freedoms when not posing a “clear and present danger” to others.
  • Shift the balance of interest to the American people. 
    • The interest of the American people is not currently driving American policy; it is the interest of the largest corporations and the wealthiest among us.
      • How to achieve this goal: campaign finance reform, tax reform, Congressional reform.
      • Safeguarding that which you have earned and are entitled: Social Security, and Medicare.
    • As Abraham Lincoln stated, “…government of the people, by the people, for the people.”
  • End division; promote unity.
    • Reunite the American people.
    • End the culture of fear and division.
    • Find and promote our commonalities.
    • Introduce legislation for individuals under DACA who have fulfilled all requirements to receive citizenship.
US House of Representatives, District 11, Florida